Watch these 15 videos that got us excited about crypto (+1 bonus)

Education May 29, 2020

Before the ICO hype, before Bitcoin hit its all time high of $20,000 in 2017, there were a lot of things happening already that got early adopters excited about cryptocurrencies. In these 15 videos we take you from the backdrop of the financial crisis in 2008 via monetary policy to Bitcoin and the services that were available at the time. A lot these still serve as a great source of knowledge for newcomers to the crypto economy and for everyone really. We hope you'll learn a thing or two!

The financial crisis

#1 The Causes and Effects of the Financial Crisis 2008

#2 Didier Sornette: How We Can Predict The Next Financial Crisis

Explaining money

#3 What Is Money?

#4 Overview of Fractional Reserve Banking

#5 Money Supply: M0, M1, and M2

#6 Introduction To Inflation

Explaining Bitcoin

#7 What Is Bitcoin?

#8 The Real Value Of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Technology

#9 What Is Bitcoin Mining?

#10 Bitcoin's Development Visualized With Music

The impact of Bitcoin

#11 Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin Foundation

#12 Bitcoin In Uganda - Empowering People

#13 Bitcoins in Argentina

Bitcoin services

#14 Bitcoin Safe by Trezor - The Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

#15 Lamassu Bitcoin Machine Demo - Bitcoin 2013

#16 Bonus: Our Inspirational HYPE Video

A lot has changed since we posted these videos first on our website. At the same time, the spirit and excitement of the early days and many of the people are still the driving force for what is being developed today.

Frank Schuil

CEO & co-founder Safello.

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