The Safello Show #9 with Sep Alavi from White Star Capital

The Safello Show Jun 09, 2020

Sep Alavi joined us as a guest on The Safello Show this week. The episode is hosted by Frank Schuil. Sep has been investing in privately-held early stage tech companies since 2012, specializing in areas such as Fintech and Disruptive Commerce. Building on his background in finance as Managing Director at ICAP New York, Sep has leveraged his success managing high-performing sales and trading teams to help entrepreneurs build meaningful and successful enterprises.

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Frank and Sep sat down to discuss the financial market crash of 2008, as Sep was working at Wall Street during that time and got to experience the effects first-hand. Sep also shared details about White Star Capital's crypto fund which they have been working on.


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Mentioned people

👉 Frank Schuil (CEO and co-founder of Safello)


👉 Sep Alavi (Venture Partner at White Star Capital)


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