The Safello Show #8 with David Birch from 15Mb Ltd.

The Safello Show Jun 02, 2020

David Birch is a well-known and internationally-recognised thought leader, author, advisor and commentator on digital financial services. He is also the director at 15Mb Ltd. 15Mb provides content, advice and commentary on the rapidly changing world of digital financial services.

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In the show, we explored David's view on the current and future state of crypto and its traceability, discussed digital identity and currency as well as took a look at his latest book, "The Currency Cold War". David shared with us what he would like to see happen to digital identities in the future in order for systems such as Swedish bank-ID to be better suited to our society of today.


🔗 Richard Brown - R3

🔗 Mondex payment system

🔗 The Economist

🔗 Libra - Facebook's digital currency

🔗 Argent crypto wallet

🔗 The Currency Cold War

🔗 David Burch's website

Mentioned People

👉 Frank Schuil (CEO and co-founder of Safello)


👉 David Birch (Director at 15Mb Ltd)


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