The Safello Show #7 with Yichen Wu, CEO & Co-Founder at Tesseract Investment

The Safello Show May 26, 2020

This week's show is featuring Yichen Wu, CEO & Co-Founder at Tesseract Investment and hosted by Frank Schuil. Yichen is a highly motivated business & technology professional with a proven track record of handling complex issues across a broad spectrum of industries in Europe, Asia & Middle East and a passion for anything digital.

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Yichen and Frank discussed many topics such as crypto, Tesseract and Central Bank Of Chinas digital currency which we have reported briefly on in previous episodes. With Yichen being a Chinese citizen he gave us a fresh perspective on the digital currency that is being worked on in China and explained the purpose of this currency for us. They also talked us through their thoughts on how the economy will be affected further down the line with the ongoing crisis with COVID-19.


🔗 Bitfinex

🔗 Tesseract Investment

🔗 Alipay

🔗 Central Bank of China's digital currency

🔗 Wechat payment system

Mentioned People

👉 Frank Schuil (CEO and co-founder of Safello)


👉 Yichen Wu (CEO and co-founder of Tesseract Investment)


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