The Safello Show #3 with Oliver Oram, founder of

The Safello Show Apr 27, 2020

This week we had Oliver Oram as our guest on The Safello Show and the episode was hosted by Frank Schuil and Ludvig Öberg.

Our guest, Oliver, is the founder of Chainvine and during the episode he talked us through what the company does. Chainvine creates bespoke platforms for companies using distributed ledger technology to decentralise a company’s ledger system helping to create a secure and permanent recording of ledger data. Decentralised ledger data (DLT) decentralises data and distributes it across a network of nodes which then permanently stores transactional data through a blockchain. What this technology does is help to prevent the loss of data through a single point.

In the episode Frank and Ludvig also gave a market update for the week, and the latest crypto related news.

Market news mentioned in the show:

💡 Dutch Central Bank- digital euro
💡 Dforce hacker returns stolen funds

🔗 Coindesk
🔗 Etherscan
🔗 CXCblock
🔗 Chainvine
🔗 Netki

Mentioned people:

👉 Frank Schuil (CEO and co-founder of Safello)

👉 Ludvig Öberg (Co-Founder of Safello and Swedish Bitcoin Association)

👉 Oliver Oram (Founder of Chainvine and blockchain and DLT expert)

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All statements and discussions in The Safello Show by its hosts or guests are intended as information and should not be understood as investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice.

Frank Schuil

CEO & co-founder Safello.

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