The Safello Show #2 with David Hedqvist, founder of

The Safello Show Apr 20, 2020

In this episode of The Safello Show, our host, Frank Schuil is joined by the co-host, Niklas Lundback and the special guest David Hedqvist who is the founder of

Together they will take you through fresh updates from the crypto market and give an insightful discussion.

David Hedqvist is the founder of and has also recently launched a new project called which gives updates on the current situation with COVID-19 in Sweden and the world.

The market news mentioned in the show:

💡Hacker drains Dforce of $25M in an attack

💡 Peoples Bank Of China digital currency interface surfaces

💡 Grayscale holds 1.7% of the bitcoin supply as reported by Cointelegraph

Mentioned links:

🔗 Covid19insweden


🔗 Defipulse

🔗 Grayscale

🔗 Bitcointalk

🔗 Mtgox article (website is no longer active)

🔗 Coindesk

Mentioned people:

👉Frank Schuil (CEO and co-founder of Safello)



👉Niklas Lundback (Head Of Product at Safello)



👉David Hedqvist (Founder of and



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All statements and discussions in The Safello Show by its hosts or guests are intended as information and should not be understood as investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice.


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