A throwback to the first Swedish Crypto BBQ of the year

The first Crypto BBQ by Safello and ChromaWay took place in Sweden and gathered blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi and FinTech community.

A throwback to the first Swedish Crypto BBQ of the year

Co-organized by Safello and ChromaWay, the first Crypto BBQ of the year gathered the Swedish cryptocurrency and blockchain community in Stockholm on Thursday, the 24th of September. We were happy to welcome professionals from the most diverse backgrounds and companies, such as Bitrefill, Trijo, PWC, Accenture, Cryptowell, Lingon, Chromia, Antler Interactive and many others. The event was a great opportunity to build new connections and discuss the most recent news and trends within the blockchain industry combined with good food and music. Crypto BBQ has brought together both well-established cryptocurrency companies and startups as well as many “fresh faces” who have recently joined the blockchain community. It is important to note that the BBQ was conducted in compliance with all preventive measures recommended by the Swedish health authorities due to the spread of COVID-19.  

Crypto BBQ is the first initiative of the crypto companies which strives to unite tech professionals from blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech industries as well as to collect the most promising ideas from enthusiasts and decision-makers based in Sweden. Despite a challenging 2020, which brought many changes to our lives and work, it is important for the industry representatives to stay connected and updated. As blockchain technology is gaining momentum, especially with the most recent growth of the FinTech and DeFi sectors, more and more companies and startups are joining the mainstream. Events such as the Crypto BBQ facilitate strong bonds within the Swedish tech environment, which is recognized and well-known far beyond the Nordics region.

We are thrilled to be the co-organizers of such an exciting crypto event and thank everyone for coming!

P.S. Special thanks to ChromaWay for initiating the Crypto BBQ!