Safello expands to Europe with direct payments enabled for 84 banks in 11 countries with added support for British Pound

Safello expands to Europe with direct payments enabled for 84 banks in 11 countries with added support for British Pound

More payment methods for European customers with Sofort, iDeal, international bank wire and SEPA

To facilitate its increasingly international user base, Safello has localised its website to help customers across Europe to buy and sell bitcoins safe and simple. With numerous payment methods and 86 supported banks for direct payments, Safello lowers the barrier for consumers to take their first step into Bitcoin.

European expansion

Up until now Stockholm based Safello was primarily focused on its home market, Sweden. With the funding it received in February from astute investors like Erik Voorhees and Roger Ver the company's mission expanded to the wider European market. Frank Schuil, CEO of Safello on its mission: "In 2013 we quickly became the market leader in Sweden and saw some European interest. We did a pilot in the Netherlands that taught us a lot about how to enter a local market. We took those lessons to heart and with this release we want to make a proactive effort to tailor to those customers who have fewer options to choose from in their home market. It is the first step in our plan to grow into a global company."

Buying without trust

Safello provides its users with a way to buy bitcoins without having to trust the company with its money. Instead of wiring an initial deposit customers buy their bitcoins directly from Safello. Schuil explains: "We have seen an increasing amount of people who no longer want to store their bitcoins at exchanges after the Mt Gox debacle. Safellos customers have full control over their funds at any time as orders get executed directly to the market and bitcoins are sent to the preferred bitcoin address of the customer‏. We think it is the safer choice for the consumer and for Safello that's priority one."

Supported banks and countries

Argenta, Axa, bpost bank, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING België KBC Bank.

Wybierz Twój bank, Alior Bank, Bank BGŻ, Bank BPH, Bank Pocztowy, Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości (BPS25), Bank Zachodni WBK, BNP Paribas / Fortis Bank, Citibank Handlowy, Credit Agricole (d. Lukas Bank), Deutsche Bank, Eurobank, Getin Bank, ING Bank Śląski, PLUS Bank (d. INVEST-BANK), Kredyt Bank, mBank, mBank (d. MultiBank), Millennium Bank, Nordea, Pekao (UniCredit), PKO BP (iPKO), PKO BP (Inteligo), Polbank EFG, Raiffeisen Polbank (SYSTEM POLBANK), Volkswagen Bank

Banco de Valencia, Banco Mare Nostrum (BMN), Banco Pastor, Banco Popular, Banco Sabadell,, Banesto, BANIF, Bankia / BankiaLink, Bankinter, BBK, BBVA, Caixa Penedès, Caja Cantabria, Caja Duero, Caja España, Caja Extremadura, Caja Granada (BMN), Caja Murcia (BMN), Cajamar Caja Rural, Cajastur, Cajasur, Catalunya Caixa, EVO Banco, Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, Ibercaja, ING DIRECT, Kutxa / Kutxabank, la Caixa, Novagalicia Banco, Sa Nostra (BMN), Santander / iSantander, Targobank, Unicaja, Vital

OTP Bank, ERSTE Bank, K&H Bank, MKB Bank, CIB Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, UniCredit Bank, BUDAPEST Bank, Sberbank, Citibank

the Netherlands:
ABN Amro Bank N.V., Fortis Bank (Nederland) N.V., ING Bank N.V., SNS Bank N.V., RegioBank


List of banks unavailable

List of banks unavailable

List of banks unavailable

List of banks unavailable

List of banks unavailable

About Safello

Safello AB is a Swedish, Stockholm based company founded in July 2013. The company is focused on supporting the cryptocurrency market with a safe way to buy, sell and use bitcoins. Its team consist of security specialists, serial entrepreneurs and bitcoin experts. Its website went live on August 22nd 2013 and since then the company has rapidly grown into the Swedish market leader.

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