Safello enables crypto purchases on the Opera mobile browser

Safello enables crypto purchases on the Opera mobile browser

Our brokerage solution is now integrated into the Opera browser for Android. Users in Sweden, Norway and Denmark can now easily top up their wallets to buy ether on their mobile phones with our secure solution.

This partnership is an important step in our strategy to drive wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. We make crypto ownership easier and more accessible by integrating our brokerage across a range of platforms, from browsers like Opera, to wallet providers, apps and other sites that serve crypto enthusiasts. Opera, with its first blockchain-enabled browser for Android, is the ideal partner with whom we share the same vision.

From zero to crypto in less than a minute

Our solution will secure all transactions on the Opera browser through the same rigorous regulatory requirements that built trust with our customers. Users’ identities will be verified securely and seamlessly with BankID and NemID in the Nordics.

This integration puts the functionality to purchase crypto right at users’ fingertips. Safello will power transactions on the Opera mobile browser for Android in the fastest way possible — in less than 60 seconds. With the convenience of credit and debit card payments, and transfers over trusted payment networks, such as Swish in Sweden, we are bringing down barriers to ownership.

To purchase crypto in Opera for Android, download the “Opera browser beta” from Google Play store in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

See below a video of the integration: