Introducing Safello Premium

News May 27, 2020

We set the bar for user friendly access to the crypto economy for retail customers with our widget that we launched in 2018 (listen to the Swedish live podcast of the event). To the tens of thousands of you who took your first steps buying cryptocurrency via our widget, we hope you enjoyed the experience!

With the launch of our updated logged in experience, we created account access to easily keep track of your order history and have all functionality safely behind Mobile BankID.

And today, we launch the next step. A step, we hope, will bring cryptocurrency access to a new group of people and makes it more convenient for those of you who already are familiar with cryptocurrencies. This step, we call Safello Premium.

The Safello Premium experience

Up until now cryptocurrency companies shied away from providing guidance to those who are entering the cryptocurrency market. Favoring automation to reduce overhead cost has been a must for many companies in the space to simply survive. With Safello Premium we set out to change this. Much like our original vision to be your safe fellow (yes, that's the meaning of our company name - proof), Safello Premium provides guidance. To do this, we made a couple of changes to the on-boarding flow.

To start with, only for the select few

Safello Premium is exclusive. In order to make it feasible for us to do the type of handholding at the price point we're offering, we have set the bar for Safello Premium at 100k SEK minimum spending. We may introduce a subscription model in the future to enable everyone to take advantage of Safello Premium, but for now this is the starting point.

Handholding when needed

To get going with our retail product you primarily rely on our FAQs and available data on the website (we do spend a lot of time getting you the information you need). And our dedicated staff support will answer any additional questions you may have. Safello Premium flips this around, we contact you proactively to make sure we understand how we can best assist you and that all your needs are met. If you are an advanced user this means we leave you alone unless you want our assistance, while as a novice user we can explain you everything from a-to-z until you are comfortable making your first purchase. This doesn't mean we provide investment advice, we simply explain things where needed every step along the way.

The simple to use Safello Premium interface. Self-explanatory, but help is only a click away!

Introducing tier levels

For Safello Premium we have simplified the way you can increase your limits by introducing simple tier levels. To increase your limits you simply fill in a questionnaire and connect your bank account. For this Safello integrated with Tink to provide a seamless experience.

Much better pricing

As we put the bar for accessing Safello Premium quite high, it allows us to offer you much better pricing. Below you can compare the price different with our retail product.

On-boarding flow

Here is a quick video we recorded of the on-boarding flow for Safello Premium as described above.

On-boarding flow of Safello Premium

More to come

This is an early release of our product. Our goal is to build this out into a something that is valuable to all of you. At this stage of the product we very much welcome feedback. If you have suggestions, comments, ideas, please let us know via and we will do our best to make the product that serves you.

Frank Schuil

CEO & co-founder Safello.

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