Introducing Money 4 The People

Introducing Money 4 The People

With the election results trickling in from the US, we are reminded of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address that government should be of the people, by the people and for the people. This particular phrasing served as the inspiration for a podcast project we have quietly been working on at Safello, in collaboration with Louise Zetterström and Christian Alexander. Honoring these spirited words we have named this project: Money 4 The People.

The idea behind Money 4 The People is similar to the democratic principles to put power to the people and the people in power. This is ever more pressing as minorities and low income groups have been disenfranchised in the electoral process in the US and around the world. Similarly, money, as controlled by the government, has created systematic problems for the unbanked and underbanked.

At Safello we believe in the rule of law and the capacity for people to influence the direction that a society can take by changing those laws. We vote in an election process to make that possible and we shape the future by how we spend our money. But if that money is in itself unfair or putting you at a disadvantage, it is only logical to explore a new monetary system. That monetary system is what we are excited about. We believe that cryptocurrencies are that money and blockchain technology is that system. And as cryptocurrency changes the fundamentals of money, blockchain technology changes the democratic process. It levels the playing field by improving transparency and limiting the possibilities of voter suppression, manipulation and fraud. In one way our project is inspired by Lincoln's words to improve money while vice versa the ambition is for blockchain technology to impact the election process itself.

For this podcast series we bring together experts from the cryptocurrency world, entertainment industry and global innovators to break down the subject. And in doing so we will discover with you what the future of money is, and how it stretches beyond money to redesign the culture from the streets to the boardrooms.

Guests include Rohan Marley, Michael Holman, Kweku Mandela, Tremaine Emory, Ari Saal Forman, Michail Stangl, Jey van Sharp and Dr. Dax. Stay tuned for episode releases on Safello's social media.

Without further ado, here is the trailer!