Companies in Europe can now buy and sell bitcoins with Safello

Safello now supports all companies in Europe to sign up. Start off by selecting the company registration form:

STEP 1: Fill in your company information
To start trading we need some information about your company.

STEP 2: Upload your documents
To upload your company documents you click the button. If successful, the button will turn green. We now support PDF uploads as well as images.

If you have more beneficial owners you can simply add them by clicking the plus button:

STEP 3: Verify your e-mail address
The last step is to verify your e-mail address. You will receive the request e-mail in your inbox as soon as you do the first registration. If you did not get it for some reason, you can let us resend the link.

BONUS: Upload your company logo
To give your account a more recognisable touch you can upload your company logo as an avatar.

IMPORTANT: Discounts & premium support
Please contact us to learn about our company volume discounts and premium support. Adding information about your expected volume and your company will help us to assist you better.

About Frank Schuil

CEO & Co-founder Safello. Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience running startups. He has founded several companies in various industries in the Netherlands and Sweden including Qubulus, IRL Connect and ClickClacks.

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