The new way to sell Bitcoins


Our platform has come out of beta after a month of public testing. In the coming time, we will highlight some new features, starting today with the improved sales process.

STEP 1: Select your preferred bank account
With Safello you can save multiple bank accounts to sent your money to. Just select one of your verified accounts from the drop-down menu.

If you would like to add a new bank account, you can now simply click the last option “Add a bank account” from the drop-down menu and you will be redirected to the right section of the verification page.

STEP 2: Fill in an amount and see how much you get
When you type in a number of whole bitcoins (BTC) or a millionth of a bitcoin (bits), it will show you in real-time what the approximate value is in your local currency. You can change your base currency in your account settings.

STEP 3: Get your unique bitcoin address to sell to
Once you have filled in step 1 & 2, a QR code will appear where you can send your bitcoins to. This address is unique and connected to your account.

If you would like to make an express order, you can simply send bitcoins to the QR code skipping step 1 & 2 and the funds will be sent to your last used bank account. This is particularly handy for those of you who sell frequently.

Instant notifications
To save the best for last, we have implemented real-time notifications for the sales process. At o confirmations, we confirm your order is pending. When the funds have left our bank account you automatically get a receipt in your inbox and the order will show as completed in your order history.

We have worked hard to make the sales process a lot easier and fun and hope you enjoy it.

About Frank Schuil

CEO & Co-founder Safello. Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience running startups. He has founded several companies in various industries in the Netherlands and Sweden including Qubulus, IRL Connect and ClickClacks.

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