Join Safello for the Biggest Bitcoin Event Ever!


Join us this weekend for the biggest Bitcoin event ever, the Bitcoin Fun Fair!

This weekend, 14-15th of February, Safello together with over 50+ other companies, artists and musicians will gather at Kägelbanan, Mosebacke Torg 1-3 in Stockholm.Together we will entertain and educate visitors interested in Bitcoin. The event is focused on spreading awareness to the general public.


At the event you will be able to use the Safello Bitcoin ATM to purchase Bitcoin that you can then spend on items and tipping at the event. Bitcoin Fun Fair is open during Saturday and Sunday 12.00-20.00. Entrance to the event is free, however, everyone is recommended to buy at least 100 SEK of Bitcoin to be able to participate in the event.

We at Safello look forward to meet you there!

-The Safello Team

About Frank Schuil

CEO & Co-founder Safello. Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience running startups. He has founded several companies in various industries in the Netherlands and Sweden including Qubulus, IRL Connect and ClickClacks.

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