Safello 101: Creating and verifying a Safello account

Safello allows you to buy and sell bitcoins for SEK, EUR and GBP. This guide takes you through each step in the verification process you need to go through to use Safello.


1. Creating a Safello account
The first thing you will need is an account at Safello. Go to the registration page and fill in the form. Make sure you get all the information right since you will need to verify this information later. After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

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2. Know Your Customer policy
To use Safello you will need to submit some additional information needed for us to satisfy the regulation regarding money laundering. You can read more about these rules in our guide to picking a safe bitcoin retailer. Log in to your Safello account and go to your account page. You will need to upload a picture of a valid ID and a picture of a household bill in order to confirm your address. The bill must not be older than 3 months and both your name and your address needs to be clearly visible.

Upload these pictures to our verification page. Here you will also find good examples of how verification pictures should look. Your picture needs to be in PNG or JPG format and smaller than 5 MB in size.


3. Selling bitcoin
In order to sell bitcoins with Safello you need to verify a bank account. Log in to Safello and upload a picture containing your account number and your name on the bank verification page. This can be a screen shot from your internet bank or any other official bank document showing your name and account number. It must be unedited and in PNG or JPG format smaller than 5 MB in size.

Thank you for following this guide! If you are interested in the laws regarding money laundering you can find more information in our guide to picking a safe bitcoin retailer.

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