How to buy bitcoin (BTC) in 60 seconds

Education May 15, 2020

Buying bitcoin (BTC) for the first time can be a long and tedious process. With other services it can take days before you get your first bitcoins sent to you. At Safello we created a service to change this. These are the three simple steps.

  1. Create a digital wallet.
  2. Verify your identity with Mobile BankID.
  3. Start buying Bitcoin!
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By creating a digital wallet, you automatically become a user in the blockchain

Your wallet registers all of your transactions. It also gives you a user ID which allows you to easily check your balance. We recommend BlueWallet if you want a wallet on your mobile phone.

If you want to handle larger amounts of bitcoin, we recommend Trezor or Ledger.

Simple identification with Mobile Bank ID

BankID is a citizen identification solution that allows companies, banks and governments agencies to authenticate and conclude agreements with individuals over the Internet. It's the most popular way to identify yourself in Sweden. Contact your bank to set it up.

Contact your bank about BankID (

Simple, secure transactions all across Europe

It’s easy to convert your local currency into bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin using Swish, bankgirot or SEPA. The first option is Swedish' most popular payment method and funds will arrive on our bank account instantly. Bankgirot and SEPA transfers typically take a day to clear. As soon as the funds arrive with Safello we will complete your order. Do note that we may from time to time have to do additional compliance checks, in which case it may not process in real time.

First time buyer of Bitcoin?

The bitcoin world is as exciting as it is big. At Safello, we place great importance on secure systems and transparent transactions which comply with all EU regulations and laws on money laundering. As Europe’s most trustworthy actor within Bitcoin, we make sure every purchase runs smoothly. Visit our customer support section to learn more.

Frank Schuil

CEO & co-founder Safello.

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