How Safello is enabling innovation in the crypto economy

News Aug 26, 2019

Regulations around the buying and selling of cryptocurrency, while a necessity, create friction to innovation. Safello wants to reduce that friction by making it extremely simple to integrate buying and selling of cryptocurrency into new products and services.

This was our motivation for creating the Safello Widget and Partner Program. We have now dramatically expanded the number of businesses which can offer a seamless, user-friendly cryptocurrency buying and selling experience to their customers.

The Safello Widget allows you to offer BTC, BCH, ETH and XRP to your customers.

With just a few lines of JavaScript, the Safello Widget can be integrated into any website or mobile app. Safello handles the difficult aspects of cryptocurrency transactions (identity verification, fraud prevention, payment processing, and more), letting you spend more time on what’s unique about your idea.

The Safello Widget represents the expertise gained from running a regulated cryptocurrency exchange for the past six years.

We believe that having a dead-simple way of offering buying and selling of cryptocurrency can make possible more crypto-related products and services than ever before. Below are just a few examples of products and services that have begun to take advantage of the Safello Widget.

Hardware and software wallets

Hardware and software wallets which don’t currently offer customers a way to buy or sell crypto assets are a perfect fit for the Safello partner program. Integrating the Safello widget not only provides a whole new set of functionality for users, but also provides a better alternative to ads to monetize the service.

Some of our early partners in this space are great mobile wallets from Opera, Mycelium, BlueWallet and more.

Crypto-to-crypto exchanges

Crypto-to-crypto exchanges which allow trading, but not purchasing, of crypto assets can greatly benefit from the Safello Widget. It provides an easy way for customers to purchase crypto assets, which can then be deposited directly into a wallet on the exchange and used for further crypto-to-crypto trading.


Neobanks looking to offer cryptocurrency assets alongside other financial services can enter the market quickly and easily through a partnership with Safello. Bundling cryptocurrency-related products alongside more traditional financial products is a perfect way to reach new customers for cryptocurrency.


dApps which need a way for customers to purchase cryptocurrency or tokens for use within their ecosystem will also find our service ideally suited to their needs. We make it easy for users to top up their wallets in order to buy tokens and blockchain-based assets for use in a decentralized app.

Cryptocurrency-related sites

Finally, cryptocurrency-related sites will find the Safello Widget is an excellent way to generate revenue from their audience. This works well for news sites, blogs, educational guides or comparison portals.

A great example of a partner in this category is, the premier news, review and educational site for cryptocurrency in Sweden.

Best of all, there is never any cost to you for integrating our service. In fact, we pay you a commission for each transaction by your customers. Since we only make money when customers actually buy and sell, we are focused on making the best experience possible.

To read more and sign up, visit the Safello Partner site.

Frank Schuil

CEO & co-founder Safello.

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